>Nancy Grace and beach pics

>So Pam Rogers has been arrested for going after a 13-year-old boy again … the same one she was originally put in the slammer for. Weird? Sure. Frustrating to all the upper class men at the high school she taught at (and me)? You betcha. But wrong? Morally and legally, yeah, but individually, why should anyone care?

This isn’t a 12-year-old girl being stalked by some back-haired, greasy mess-of-a-lollie-pop-toting-man here. It’s an older lady childishly pursuing a 13-year-old basketball player. If a male who’s in high school wanted sexual relations with a beautiful, long-legged, curvy-assed blonde to stop, he could have done so at any time. But the 29-year-old teacher is at her sexual prime as a woman – the sex was probably amazing to a kid who was perhaps a virgin before sticking his ho-hoo in her ha-ha. You’re telling me he couldn’t have escaped her manipulative clutches? Of course he could have … he just didn’t want to. I sure as shit can’t blame him, either.

See, the thing lawyers-turned-journalists like Nancy Grace leave out in their coverage of the story is the receiving end of Rogers’ “predatory” actions. Obviously the student had a good time nailing the ex-homecoming queen; surely he enjoyed having her affection. It most likely gave him bragging rights among his peers. I listened to Grace’s Thursday night broadcast and came away wondering what’s wrong with her. The Georgian is so caught up with her moral, Bible Belt high horse that she didn’t seem to realize she was being completely biased as a journalist and, if nothing more, reported the story as a woman clearly envious of Rogers’ good looks. She sounded like a teenage girl trying to start a cat fight, not as an employee of our world’s media. Come on, Grace, leave your personal issues back at the plantation and at least pretend to show the story from all angles. After all, it’s your journalistic duty.

People like Nancy Grace give the media the reputation of being biased. Even worse, in my opinion, is that she makes conservative, right-wing republicans look like the epitome of our nation’s stereotype of the Bible Belt: contradictory, church-going President Bush worshippers who don’t really know anything. With her Southern draw (which is funny to have, since the first step to working in any sort of broadcast journalism is to have a dialect coach neutralize strong accents so not to make audiences jump to conclusions about a host) and constant references to Christianity, she uses conservatism as a crutch – an excuse to disregard any past decisions made by Supreme Court rulings in the last century since “Jesus wouldn’t like (something or another.)” Basically, she “feels things in her gut (like someone else we know)” and reports based on that. Her moral values don’t even come close to being supported by our Constitution and she knows it. The result of all this? People in San Francisco and cities in other blue states (which is the majority of our nation, like it or not) end up perceiving her – as well as any journalist trying to convey Christian values into a broadcast – as ridiculous.

Like it or not, there are rules to follow in our democratic society, Grace, and some of them aren’t completely supportive of the many ways our countless subdivisions of Christianity interpret the Bible. As a journalist, you should either learn to deal with that or join Fox News where ignoring the Constitution is no big deal.

I did have some cool shit to write about my life, but I saw that on TV and my thoughts were diverted. Here are some pictures I took at the beach/state park with Sara earlier today:


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