>The Rape of John Petroski

>Typically, the terms “magical experience,” “beneficial to society” and “advantage to fat women” are reserved for describing positive experiences, such as a trip to Disney World with a cancer-ridden 10-year-old or the discovery of Trimpspa. Most wouldn’t consider jokingly using any of them to refer to a subject as taboo as rape. That’d be like making an Anna Nicole Smith joke before March 1st.

Apparently, Central Connecticut State University is home to one of the few who actually would do something like this. One guy by the name of John Petroski – a sophomore writer for his school’s paper, “The Recorder” – couldn’t tell the difference between things that are all right to joke about and things that are better off left alone in this world of extreme political correctness we live in. He used to be the opinion editor until his satirical piece belittling rape victims was published last week triggered an uproar across his campus and the nation. Now he’s a mere staff writer who’s future contributions will be limited and – to the say the least – double checked.

Come on, Petroski, you ought to know better!

He’s a 23-year-old sophomore who’s obviously written a few articles in his day (like the guy or not, the article was written very well and engagingly). I really feel this guy’s pain, being the author of far too many things that have aimed to make people laugh at the expense of a few irate others, and can appreciate what he was trying to do. But rape? Rape addressed from a general standpoint and not a specific case? That affects all women. It’s going to piss off anyone with a vagina – roughly half the nation, last I checked. What was he thinking?

As I said in my earlier blog, he technically didn’t do anything illegal and is protected by the first amendment to the constitution. I’m really glad he did not quit the paper, as, like he said, doing so would have constituted a victory for opponents of free press. Still, this was a retarded thing to do.

Now that I’ve performed my civic duty in making it clear I do not advocate his article and therefore cannot possibly be accused of promoting rape (but somehow will – let me thank you in advance for that), I feel I’ve earned the right to address another aspect of this case. The student body at that school looks ridiculous right now. You’re going to tell me an entire auditorium’s worth of 18-to-22-year-olds are pissed off about his article? I guarantee you at least half of the people who sat through his apology speech on Tuesday would not have done so if CNN had not of had its cameras there for the whole show … and now that the entire country knows about it, they feel both obligated and eager to voice their “pure outrage.”

There was a dumb bitch who gave a “heartfelt” speech during the Q and A forum after his apology. Teary-eyed and exhausted by the trauma the article must have put her through, she thundered confidently that she was not ugly or fat, but a survivor of rape. I was neither moved nor sympathetic, for she was actually both ugly and fat. While I’m not saying at all (and please don’t construe this in the confines of your poor, dear, Christian head that I am) that she is one of the heifers Petroski’s piece was aimed at, I am suggesting that she meets the criteria of one. Just something to consider.

Bottom line is these people need to realize that this young writer is well aware of the magnitude of what he’s done here. He might make the same mistake again someday – and frankly, I hope he does – but chances are they don’t have to worry about ever being exposed to its cancerous properties. This guy’s caught Hell from the school all week long, no doubt, and he’s going to have to deal with the old scraggly professors who can’t remember their previous day’s lesson plan but won’t forget this incident until long after he graduates. Isn’t that enough?

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