>The Media Causes Anorexia?

>The media’s portrayal of women as sex objects leads to a vast array of psychological problems in women? You mean to tell me the usual charges of anorexia, low self esteem and depression are directly linked to pictures of gorgeous women surrounding us? No way!

Below is a link to a story that cleared the BBC wire today. How, I don’t know – it’s usually such a reliable source of news.

I’ve got an idea that will end all this. Let’s feature fat girls on the covers of all magazines. Seriously – limit skimpy bikinis, cleavage shots and other photos the Baptist church has deemed “sexually suggestive” to only rotund behemoths. That way, instead of being introduced at the tender age of nine to the idea that society favors the physically fit and cholesterol-aware, young girls will think nothing is gained by being “digestively disciplined.” Hey, while we’re at it, let’s tell them there’s no such thing as sex and that thing between their legs is a “hoo-ha.” Oh wait – certain churches already do that.

Why do we treat young girls like they’re these vulnerable sponges for all that is wrong? Are their decision-making abilities really so fragile that we must do whatever we can to shield them from the wicked ideas of the free world? Personally, I don’t think so. I give them just a little bit more credit than that. True, society is fixated on the notion that 5’6”, 110-pounders are more attractive than blobs of artery plaque, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for big girls anywhere. They probably love ‘em in cannibalistic societies. Besides that, it’s not like this is new thing, this preference for finely-tuned bodies of curves and voluptuousness. No one charged Marilyn Monroe with starting a bulimia epidemic.

Here’s another fact that illustrates we don’t give women enough credit as holders of their own minds: men are also encouraged by the media to be fit. When’s the last time a chubby 40-year-old with more hair on his back than his head was on the cover of “Men’s Health?” Look here at USA Today’s list of sexiest men. You see any fat guys?

It is wrong for anyone to suggest that Tyra Banks is chubby. It is not wrong to show Christina Aguilera dressed as a schoolgirl with her shirt unbuttoned. It would, finally, be a crucial mistake to try to pawn Rosie O’Donnell off as a sex icon in an effort to lie to teenage girls. They can think for themselves and will eventually become old enough to know what’s in their best interest and the ones who don’t probably serve society best as corpses anyway. Stop coddling them.

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