>Worst Blog Ever


This weekend was an eventful one for me – a welcomed break from the Wilmington norm. We had four days off for the holiday; I had two days off from work for a doctor appointment in Durham. Sean and I made a nice little road trip out of Thursday, most of which was spent by me with blurred vision and overly-dilated pupils (thank you, foreign doctors at Duke for putting chemicals in my eye which in the end accomplished nothing). We rode over to Wake Forest (the town, not the university) to take in a couple of sights and some coffee. It was a good day – gave us both the opportunity to somewhat see Duke University and its array of ugly-but-so-freaking-smart-you-know-they’re-going-to-be-making-hundreds-of-dollars-a-second-someday females trolling the grounds. Plus getting out of Wilmington in general’s always a good thing in my book, even if it comes in the form of a day trip to Hell.
Friday I bought a bike. I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now – especially since I’m halfway anticipating a move out West within the next year – and just went ahead with the idea. My budget certainly wasn’t looking to spend 300 dollars on a bike, but my credit card didn’t seem to mind. Sean and I spent the rest of the daylight hours riding through UNCW’s “extensive” grid of mountain bike trails – a good time but for the fact that I only felt like I was truly out in the woods for a couple of scattered, two-or-so minute instances because of the incessant land development that’s eating the campus like cancer on cocaine. I have a long way to go before I can venture off onto the more elaborate trails of the community … riding unwobbly is hard enough for someone who quit riding bikes when he got his driver’s license. We went to a party over at the Mayfair Reserves a few hours later to cap off the productive day. As usual, the abundance of long-haired surfer fags and gangsta-thugs from preppy suburbs somewhere in central North Carolina spurred Sean and me to hang out on the back porch by the keg and make smartass remarks about the girls and boys inhabiting the scene. We even picked up a couple followers along the way who joined us in the endeavor. By the end of the night, our crew was up to four or five, six if you counted the one dude’s girlfriend. We didn’t stop until the beer ran out.
Saturday was pretty much worthless, a day dedicated to my job. I need to start writing down the dates of days like Saturday in a little spiral-bound notebook so when I’m on my death bed I can just flip through it and know what to bitch about. It was capped off by a bonfire under a clear sky, though, which is always a good thing.
Today was Easter. Hooray for that – another holiday I stopped celebrating once I moved away from home and realized I had no one to celebrate it with. Most people went to church, ate dinner and spent time with their families in their best clothes. I did nothing. The highlight of my day was watching the Sabres on TV. They lost.
Actually, today wasn’t completely shot. I woke up kind of early, rode the bike over to campus and go for a run. Then I went to work for, let me see – ALL DAY. If I had not of done that shit before hand, this would have been another date to add to that little spiral-bound notebook. I’m glad I bought that bike.
**I am aware that this is the worst blog ever – I just have nothing to really say tonight. Sorry.

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  1. amy a says:

    Actually, I kind of like this one…..

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