>Thanks, Black Supremacists


Don Imus is now fired.

I love how all the people whose opinions anyone really gives a shit about – like Oprah Winfrey and Condoleeza Rice – are jumping on the “well-I-didn’t-want-to-say-anything-before-but-now-that-he’s-fired-I-just-want-to-say-that-I’ve-believed-he-should-have-been-along” bandwagon. We expected Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to be up in arms about these “terrible” remarks – since they disapprove of everything – but were collectively waiting to hear what the Nation’s most powerful and influential had to say.

Winfrey sounded like such a pussy on Larry King about this whole thing. A day after Imus got fired, she finally lets out that she did not want to influence his boss’ decision but noted that if she would have fired him if he had worked for her radio station. She didn’t say a thing about the racial connotation of his remark, limiting the scope of her beef to the gender issue, a method every public figure who’s so pissed at Imus seems to be employing in this terrible “degradation of women.” Rice said pretty much the same thing – nothing about race, only gender. Both waited until after their statements could have made any difference in the whole matter. Seems to me that if they really believed Imus’ words were disrespect to their womanhood, they would have been a bit more vocal about it. I know if someone were to insult my manhood and I had as much money as Winfrey or influence as Rice, I’d do a Hell of a lot more than worry about unjustly swaying the opinion of the perpetrator’s boss.

Hmm. Could it be that the affluent muckrakers of our nation who originally called Imus a racist saw that – thanks particularly to hip hop music – no one planned on going to their pity party and are now trying to throw one based on gender? If you ask me, this is getting out of hand. Why is no one else seeing this? They’re milking this for all it’s worth. First Imus was a racist and kind of a sexist, now he’s a male chauvinist set out to take away women’s right to vote.

Give me a break. I am officially annoyed with whoever wants to say they’re hurt by what Don Imus had to say.

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