>Michael Vick a Dog Abuser?


Property owned by Michael Vick – originally being searched for drugs – was found to have more than 60 injured dogs on it. As if it’s not bad enough that a few months ago he was caught at an airport with a secret-compartment water bottle people have used before to smuggle marijuana onto planes with, his property is suspected of having enough illegal drugs on it to warrant a formal raid by a police department. Drugs + professional sports = bad news. Duh, Vick, you ought to know this.

But what’s with the injured dogs at the place? Three buildings on the property were found to have 20 dogs each … many showing evidence of being part of a dog fighting ring. Plus, the area humane society had already reported to police that Vick himself had a part in dog fight-based gambling.

I hate to say it, but drugs in sports are starting to become common place. Many people – including I – have started to grow numb to hearing about the pot heads of football just because there are so many. Therefore, I did not pass too much judgment on Vick when he was in possession of a water bottle that serves no other purpose than to smuggle something … in light of the head/drug case of guys like Ricky Williams, we sort of have to. But hosting – or having any role at all in – a dog fighting ring is on a completely different level. I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet since some scum bag friend of his was living at the property and is probably responsible for the entire saga, but I still wonder what Vick knew and chose to do nothing about. Chances are Vick’s pretty good friends with the man living at his house, which would make the quarterback guilty by association in my book. Anyone who has the slightest acquaintanceship with a person capable of even watching a dog fight is a piece of shit.

This recent situation with the dogs comes right on the heels of another scandal Vick was involved in first hand. NFL.com recently reported that he knowingly spread sexually transmitted diseases to host of women … and then received treatment for the conditions under an alias. As you all know, last season Vick was fined for flipping off his home fans after recent criticism of his on-field play came to an emotional head.

Why does the league – or society in general, for that matter – continue to give the brother of Marcus Vick, the VT quarterback who intentionally (and quite forcefully) stepped on an opponent after he was sacked, chance after chance? He’s no Hall of Famer, folks. He’s lucky to lead his team to the playoffs, let alone a Superbowl, let alone a Superbowl win. As a player, he’s inconsistently good and consistently unpredictable. He’s electric and exciting, but not worth giving chance after chance.If Pacman Jones has to sit out an entire season for just being a gangster punk, Vick deserves at least that. His football-related conduct is a disgrace to the little kids who wear his jersey and idolize him, but his actions as a human being – namely being a barbaric animal abuser – are even worse. He should be jailed.

No wonder Vick can’t make it in the NFL – he can’t even make it in society.

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