>Talking in Circles, Same Old Shit

>Tomorrow – or the next day, if I have to – I’m going to poop in Sara’s cat’s litter box and bury it in there.

Since I have to deal with living with other people, I may as well have some fun with it. You know those little tissue-papered popper things you throw on the ground and make snap? Well, tonight I spread a box’s worth of them on the concrete in front of our door. It ought to make for a big surprise when one of the girls comes home and steps on a dozen of them.

I remember when I lived with Rosa how pissed she got because I kept taping the trigger to the kitchen sink spray nozzle down and pointing it in the directing of whoever turned on the faucet. It was her on more than one occasion. I thought it was a great prank, she did not … especially after it soaked her the second time. Oh well, she’s bulimic and I don’t like her anymore. I hope she eats her own poop and pukes it up.

Got to thinking about it this evening …. yeah, I’m gonna move out of this place. This whole roommate thing was great in college, but not anymore. It’s time for me to have my own place where I only have to worry about the messes I make … I can easily afford it. Plus I’ve learned through living in a shitty region of a shitty state to actually prefer being alone as much as possible, unless I’m with the two or three people I actually love down here. Finding where to live isn’t going to be hard, either. I’m not saying I want a mansion, for mansions are for black football players and people who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves, but I do want to live by myself wherever it may be. I want to do everything alone these days so it should really come as no surprise that I don’t want to share a place with anyone else.

Damn – my lease isn’t up here until November. Oh well. At least I’ve got some pretty sweet shelves I made on my bedroom wall.

Tonight I’m in a sentimental, oh-I-miss-home kind of mood and drinking a six-pack of Molson Golden. Tomorrow I work a rare day shift and look forward to the opportunity to ride my bike in since I’ll be coming home when it’s still daylight out … plus I got a new helmet earlier and it’s just like Lance Armstrong’s. Wednesday I’m going golfing in the morning before checking into “the office” (this was a choice I made in lieu of kayaking – the exact kind of “win-win” decision I love to make) and Thursday I’m taking Kalista to the zoo in Richlands. Isn’t it funny how all the things I look forward to do not involve the city of Wilmington? Hmm, must be a sign. I’ve got to find a new job and get the fuck out of here … I’m much too young to be pent up in a yuppie’s paradise.

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