This section is a tribute to Wild Man Steve … a guy who’s been forgotten by the gotta-be millions of lives he’s touched except for mine. Today I was reminded of his presence on the Earth; whether all the pompous assholes who inhabit the coastal regions he “visits” like it or not, Wild Man Steve’s been to their town.

I found this art work on the underside of Snow’s Cut Bridge entering Carolina Beach from Wilmington. I refuse to call it graffiti – it is not – for it symbolizes the epiphany of one man’s hard work and a day’s worth of fortune when he came across a can of spray paint down there under the bridge. Wild Man Steve wouldn’t have gone out and bought some, no, for Wild Man Steve’s got better things to spend his loose change brought in by playing his harmonica on streets all up and down the East Coast, bumming and collecting cash the whole time … Wild Man Steve buys cheap beer and shots at bars that’ll let him in with his cash. This is how I know he must have found that spray paint laying down by the bridge – a true example of good fortune on his part.

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