>Back to Nowhere

>Everyone’s in a rush to nowhere,
And I ain’t going anywhere,
But we’re all hoping to get there,
Just as soon as the lights turn green.

So we go.
And we go and go and go.
We’ll we ever learn anything from this?
I guess we’ll never know.

Just drive like they told us,
To a place where kids put stickers on their cars,
And the girls, they all act like stars.
Just drive like they told us.

Now I’m 38 miles from this place,
I can be farther if I slow my pace,
A game I play with my head,
Can put off when I start to feel dead.

The whole world’s goin where I’m goin,
Looking to merge into lanes unknowin,
That the place they’re headed, it revolves,
And feeds a problem we’ve yet to solve.

It festers like a sore, but no one asks.
The don’t seem to know,
That how they’re acting is brash,
And this town is their foe.

But now the light is green,
And Hampstead’s up the way,
I’ll have no tears when I get there,
I’ve run out of things to say.

No one listens anyway.

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