>Teach Your Children Well

>I usually only go for the one-blog-a day-thing, but damn – I’m not just satisfied with giving you that shit, for I’ve got a lot more things running through my mind than just a single. So here’s the newest hole in my head: how little of a shit I give about the city of Wilmington.

Am I being redundant? On the surface, yes, but I urge you to read on and you’ll see why I am not. I actually have even more reasons why no one should care about the Port City.

It’s a runaway train, man. The current generation of 15-through-21-year olds sees absolutely nothing wrong with the shit that the rest of the world views as a cancer to civilization, a.k.a. housing developments, car-only-friendly roads, and Wal-Marts every two miles. Nine out of ten of them grew up in developments, focused on luxury cars and material wealth. Hell, with how high the divorce rate is in Southeastern North Carolina, the majority of them have been fortunate victims of some domestic battle to see which parent can spoil their kids more – why else do so many of the ratty brats drive cars more expensive than my well-to-do parents do? Dad lives in Tennessee, for instance, and Mom lives here in North Carolina with her 18-year-old kid … Dad’s going to buy 18-year-old kid an Acura because he wants to make 18-year-old kid favor him over mom. Meanwhile, Mom’s living off her new husband in a two-year-old “home” in some housing development that looks really nice but is just like the neighbors’ (notice the position of the apostrophe here – it’s just like ALLLLL the neighbors’) and wants to show 18-year-old daughter that they can drink 100-dollar bottles of wine for no reason other than to show anyone who’s looking that they’re “rich.” So what if she and real estate-salesman hubby are notably cocked after three glasses – they look good to all the other land-raping, boat steering homos in this part of the already-accused-of-not-appreciating-our-Earth country. Apply that equation to over roughly half the population of North Carolina, and you’ve got, well, North Carolina.

These kids – the future leaders of this town – aren’t going to do shit to combat this predicament because they don’t even know it exists. “What? Our house looks just like all our neighbors’? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to look?” the say. For me to get all worked up over trying to tell them otherwise is a battle which will never yield a bit of fruit. Quite simply, this place – this potentially lovely place – is fucked. They have grown up on the beneficiary end of multiple monetary battles. The term “live simply so others can simply live” is nothing more than a worn-out slogan on the bumper stickers of insignificant peoples’ cars.

We live in a capitalist economy. We interpret facts to benefit our financial endeavors. How else do the oil-drinking republicans justify ignoring the letter from Exxon-Mobile stating that we’re going to be out of oil in 50 years if we don’t stop using so much of it? They, for the sake of their own greed, conclude that this huge oil company is just looking for an excuse to raise gas prices.

Geeze, guys, ever thought that your collective love for the Arabian gold is making you blind to reality? I mean, Exxon-Mobile’s only relaying scientific facts here …

On top of all that, this place just sucks. Really, I mean that. I’m not just saying this because I decided I hated it a couple years ago and have refused to go back on it. Honestly – what the Hell is there to do here? Go out on the water? Awesome. Grand. It looks just the water anywhere else off the coast of the US. OK, well, let’s go camping. A-fucking-mazing. Wish I fucking could. Every time I do (which isn’t too often since I’ve given up), some redneck nearby gets the cops called for either being too loud, firing a weapon, giving beer to 12-year-olds, or raping his dogs. Often, it’s a combination of all. Screwed camping up for me, Southeastern NC.

Where the hell do you start with rectifying a place like this? Please (God), tell me, for that’s a battle I’d gladly fight. However, the citizens need to be involved, and they’re not. The young people need to get riled up, and they don’t. The old people need to do more than just tell “well, when I was your age” stories. North Carolina residents need to have the courage to venture outside their state (yes, even go above the Mason Dixon Line) and see that every fucking town here looks just like the next. Take 70 East from I-95 and you’ll see what I’m saying. They’ve all got the same four or five same fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and well-polished Wachovias. The only difference between the towns is there are more of some and fewer of others of these from town to town.

North Carolina, quite frankly, is a terrible place to raise a family.

But tell that to the people (and families) who have lived here their whole lives and they’ll fight you to the death. It’s not a pride issue, for they honestly see nothing wrong with the things I have just talked about. They still view this place as remotely simplistic, and really don’t seem to mind that it’s ranked 46th in the country (we have 50 states in our country, in case you weren’t sure) as far as the public school system goes. I am sure North Carolina was great 20 years ago, which is why I’ve got severe love for members of the Old South … it’s the New South which I view as so greedy and unseeing which I refuse to reconcile with.

I will from here on out fight tooth-and-nail to keep any fruits of my loins from growing up here. Mark my words. New York, here we come, for your sake, my angel …

This state is Hell to all that is truly Heavenly. Why anyone willingly and knowingly of all the things I’ve just mentioned moves here is beyond fucking me. If you have no commitments which bind you to North Carolina, people, get out while you can. If you’re looking to move here, don’t. It’s a down bound train, Man.

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