>Be Ready, Trent!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these blogs. That’s partly because I haven’t had internet since I moved into my new place and partly because … well, that’s all of it. My only opportunity to write a blog is when I’m at work and there I can only do it piece-by-piece, my train of thought gets interrupted and I end up with a shitty blog. The good news is tomorrow the boys from Embarq are turning on my DSL (it took them a week to get to my apartment and flip a switch – must be a service that’s in high demand in the ghetto of New Bern), so I should return to my normal blog rate of three to five a week.

Today as I sit at work, I can’t help but be concerned, infatuated and preoccupied with the Bills upcoming game, 8:15 p.m. Sunday when they host the undefeated and just-coming-off-a-bye-week New England Patriots.

First of all, how’s this game going to pan out? Buffalo is starting J.P. Losman – a good call, if you ask me, even though I have officially given up on the California boy who’s only ever thrown five good passes in his entire life, back when he and Tulane played (utterly powerful) Hawaii – despite six straight quarters of shitting the bed, dating back to halftime of the Cincinnati game. With Marshawn Lynch’s knee on the fritz and a defense boasting only two reserve defensive backs thanks to Kiwaukee Thomas’ injury this past Sunday, all I’ve got to say is Trent Edwards had better be ready.

The Patriots are no Miami offense. Especially with an already injury-stifled defense that was just made weaker in the area where it needs to be strongest to stop the pass, the Bills are not going to able to hold New England to 10 points. Worse yet, the Bills are not going to be able to score 13 points themselves if Loss-man shits the bed again.

Buffalo, on offense, is the epitome of what people call “one dimensional.” All teams have to do is focus on Lynch, neutralize him and force the Bills to turn to their passing game and they keep Buffalo’s offense off the field … and ineffective at best.

Lynch can’t carry the road. Asking the guy to run the ball 30 times on a bum knee is absurd. Anthony Thomas is virtually useless in all this, if you are wondering. He tries to run like Lynch, but can’t. Teams get so used to Marshawn and all his power that A-Train seems more like A-Punchbug when he gets the ball.

It all boils down to one thing: time of possession. The Bills must have the football a Hell of a lot more than they did against Miami, Cincinnati, New Jersey (oops) and Baltimore combined. This keeps Buffalo’s defense and Tom Brady and his henchmen off the field, and puts the Bills in perfect position to pull off a major upset. How can anyone stop a Brady-to-Moss or Brady-to-Stallworth or Brady-to-Welker connection? By keeping fresh legs on defense – namely at the line of scrimmage so to get a swarming pass rush in his face and disrupt the quarterback’s timing. This also enables guys like Donte Whitner to maintain the stamina to knock receivers out whenever they come near him. While Kiwaukee’s presence will no doubt be missed in this department, I can’t help but get excited when I think of two ex-Buckeyes (Whitner and Ashton Youboty) playing next to each other in the Bills secondary with their only major assignment being to knock people out.

This all points to why Trent Edwards had better come prepared to play Sunday and Dick Jauron had better be ready to put him in at the first sign of Losman sucking ass. The key part of that statement is “first sign” – he cannot hesitate on that because New England’s offense isn’t going to hesitate on blowing the doors off the Bills’ bandwagon. Edwards is probably (yes, that’s me being pessimistic about J.P.) going to have to step into the game, deliver a few first downs and cut back the pressure on Lynch, ultimately leading the Bills to multiple, time-consuming scores.

It’s what J.P. Losman’s needed to do all along. It’s what’s more important than sporadic 60-yard bombs to Lee Evans. Most critically, it’s what it takes to win football games.

The Patriots-Bills match-up is no exception.

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