>Points to Ponder

Several current issues cry for the presidential compassion, intervention and justice George Bush reserved for Scooter Libby and two Thanksgiving Day turkeys. Instead, Bush either remains silently aloof or is his usual incoherent, evasive self.

For example, two American border guards are still languishing in 10-year prison sentences, victims of Texas justice, for doing their jobs. They slightly wounded a convicted Mexican drug smuggler while chasing him across the border. The criminal was even given immunity to testify against the border guards. Between this travesty, open borders and allowing Mexican trucking access to our country, one wonders what Mexico has on Dubya.

Speaking of misplaced pardons, remember when Bush promised to fire anyone in his administration who committed the treason of outing a secret CIA agent? Soon he conveniently softened this threat to include only those who were “convicted.” Then the loyal Libby accepted the blame for outing Velerie Plame in return for a later pardon. How neat! Not so fast, though. Scott McClellan, a former Bush press secretary and insider, just revealed in his still unfinished book that Bush and his cohorts – Cheney, Rove, etc. – actually were the leak sources. So true justice should include impeachment of the president, but what are the odds for justice in this administration?

Finally, a most distressing case concerns a young Saudi girl who was raped by a gang of men. Then, under Saudi justice, the girl was given 200 lashes and a six-year prison term for going out unchaperoned with a man. Even her defense lawyer was disbarred. Bush could intervene With King Abdullah, since he pretends to endorse civil rights in other despotic countries, but the Bushes and the Saudis have long-standing business ties, and far be it for Dubya to compromise them.

What we have then is a charade of a president. His grandiose promises in the wake of a 9/11 or of a Hurricane Katrina are merely cover-ups for a shallow, neo-con whose jingoistic bluster masks his self-serving agenda (control of this country and the world’s oil), even if it costs others trillions of dollars and destroys millions of lives, all under the guise of faith-driven patriotism.

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