I’m at work right now, and therefore, technically, shouldn’t be writing a blog about Marshawn Lynch.

But I am.

As you all know, I’m sure, Lynch was recently victimized by the Erie County District Attorney’s office because a car registered to him allegedly struck a pedestrian in Buf-falo’s downtown bar district at 3:30 a.m.

Not once has the office said anything about how the woman — dressed scantily-clad and selling sexual favors, I’m sure — shouldn’t have been where she was walking. Was she even in a crosswalk? That doesn’t matter, if you’re the DA’s office.

Anyway, the District Attorney Frank Clark has really outdone himself on this one and proven to be a cut above his cohorts on the scale of dickheadedness, implying he’ll take down any Bills player if it’s discovered they had anything to do with the “crime.”

Meanwhile, drug dealers keep pedaling their candy to little kids on the streets of Buffalo.

Clark is from Buffalo. He’s a Western New Yorker — educated there — and most likely spent his whole life loving the Bills. I’m sure he was barely beyond his prime during the Bills Super Bowl run, and felt the sting of disappointment like everyone else for six or seven agonizing years.

So how can he do this to Marshawn Lynch? How can he put so much focus in “bringing him to justice,” when he’s the first bright spot Bills fans have seen since the early 1990s? It makes me grit my teeth.

That filthy traitor.

By now, the media’s all over it, so he has a professional and judiciary obligation to practically lynch Lynch. He couldn’t forget about it and expect to retain the snow white status of his prolific career. Personally, I’d give that up in a heartbeat to help the Bills. I wouldn’t care if I were Jesus and Dad had assigned me specifically to Buffalo – I’d still leave Lynch alone. And Jesus is way more powerful than a district attorney.

Clark’s wife is a city of Buffalo school teacher. I hope her pupils are giving her Hell. I hope Frank’s too ashamed of his actions to eat at a restaurant. I hope it’s real bad for him.

Go get the criminals, asshole … leave the saviors alone.

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