>Strahan? Ha – more like, "Stray-gay"

>So Michael Strahan is retiring. Blah, blah and more blah. Good, I say … and not because I fear him as a player.

I fear him as the commentator/Fox analyst/bag of poop with a big mouth we all know he’s going to be next. But as a player, I do not fear him.

And this has nothing to do with the fact that he rarely faced my Buffalo Bills.

It has everything to do with the fact that he’s only a Hall of Famer if you believe the several thousand words that have come out of his mouth on a minutely basis the last 15 years. Yes, I just said that. Fifth in sacks? That means nothing to me.

He played in the NFC East. That’s like shooting immobile clay pigeons if you’re a defensive end. Even my beloved and immortal Bruce Smith knocked around a good share of quarterbacks during the shit-end of his career while in Washington. Think about it: as a Giant, you face Philadelphia twice a year, a team that passes the ball so often that you start to wonder if they have any running plays, Washington twice a year, a team that just sucks all around year-in and year-out, and Dallas twice a year. You don’t want to get me started on Dallas’ problems protecting the quarterback, or anything Dallas-related at all, quite honestly.

So don’t tell me Strahan is great. Don’t tell me he’s worthy of the Hall of Fame. Let him do the talking … he will.

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