>Ending the Lynch Saga

>So Marshawn Lynch is going to plead guilty to a hit and run misdemeanor next week, according to the Erie County District Attorney.

Good. Now we can get on with life.

Because, you see, once Lynch rushes for 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns … once he spearheads the Bills offensive game plan to the team’s first playoff appearance since 1999 … once he steps out onto the field and shows the NFL he’s a force to be reckoned with … all will be forgotten.

And that whore from Toronto who he hit will have a couple million dollars to soak up whatever blood still remains in the “wounds” he caused.

The worst case scenario could have been a lot worse than what will probably happen to him. He’ll get nothing, as it stands. No jail time, no punishment from the NFL, no loss of character. “Oh well – this shit happens,” dads will tell their sons.

But had he continued with his oath of silence, lawmen would have spent weeks collecting evidence and talking to witnesses before finally arresting him – probably a couple weeks before the season. Then the prosecutors would have done all they could to sift through and sort out the facts before going to trial. This would tack on another few weeks to the process.

A resolution would not come until midway through the season … probably right when then Bills would be needing wins to gain a spot in the playoffs.

And Lynch would have, most likely, gone to jail because the DA would be so irate over how stupid it was that they went through all that. Lynch’s image – and probably some of the Bills’ – would be tarnished.

So that’s why I’m glad Lynch plead guilty. As it stands, the rest of the NFL world doesn’t even care about this situation – it’s all in Buffalo’s collective head, as usual. Once this is resolved and Lynch switches into Beast Mode, all will be forgotten.

Winning cures everything. Especially in western New York.

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