>We Rode in Trucks (Yee Haw)

>Don’t ask me why, but I watched CMT tonight. Some of it. It was CMT Pure, but for the most part, it was pure crap.

Anyway, one of the songs managed to attract my attention … “We Rode in Trucks” by some guy in a baseball cap. It got me thinking about the way the world’s going to change 25 years from now.

Do you realize we will no longer have to hear ridiculous songs like this in the year 2033? They’re going to be about hybrids – and kids from Georgia will write about how they got stuck in the mud down by the river.

We won’t have to shudder over tacky songs about tin cans being tied to the tailgate of an old pickup with “Just Married” written across the back windshield, either.

Or black people being tied from the rear axle of them and dragged through Texas.

It is true that I grew up in a town where people rode in trucks. I’d be lying if I said the song I heard tonight didn’t take me back just a little bit. But I’m not the slightest bit sad to know my children won’t be able to say the same.

Who’s to blame for this? Kids in Georgia. Red necks in Texas. Hillbillies in North Carolina. They’re the ones who’ve chosen to identify themselves by the depth of mud on their trucks’ tires. They’re the ones who’ve measured each others’ character by how fast they can drive through wooded areas.

They’re the ones whose success in mating depends on how they can fish tail their trucks in the dirt.

And the key to it all, according to them, is to do everything while making their trucks’ engines wallow as loudly, deeply and rumblesome as possible.

But don’t tell their mommas and daddies it’s anyone’s fault but the government’s that we’re in the middle of a climate crisis and about to run out of oil.

Accepting responsibility isn’t something you learn riding in trucks.

Maybe the next generation will learn it while driving around in their hybrids.

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