>My Republican Friend

>Labels are a bad thing.

They lead you to judge, assume, categorize and stereotype.

The untamable power of assumption can be the most hurtful, both to you and the person you are judging. I have learned that with politics. And I have learned that with my best friend.

My problem is I’m always right. If you ask me, anyway. Because I am objective – to everything, mainly, but in politics, especially – it always appears to the guy I’m talking to like I am the “opposite.”

To liberals, I am conservative. To conservatives, I am a liberal.

But to me and those who know me best, I am neither. I actually hate them all. This goes unbeknownst, however, to those who are passionate in their beliefs – because I am passionate in making them consider the alternatives. I don’t want to change anyone’s mind … I just want to make sure everyone is fully aware of what they are doing before they go out and act on it (by voting, for instance).

Because of this – because I bring up points unpondered – I am a liberal to my conservative best friend. Now he hates me for it.

I am brainwashing him, like my liberal friends try to do, he said. I am putting him down because he refuses the New York Times. According to him, I assume that all Republicans are hicks.

Well, let it be known that I hate every part of politics equally. If I had it my way, we never would have abandoned the Native American way of life of more than 500 years ago. I would have died due to my genetically-inherited diabetes because advances in medical science would not have occurred, but so be it. It’s the circle of life and it shouldn’t be fucked with.

However, politics is all around us. It makes up our everyday life. So, I choose to make fun of it – and have fun with it … and, most notably, those who are enthralled by it. I see life as being far too short to worry about what some lawyer-turned-sweet-talker plans to do with our country. It’s not going to make everyone happy anyway.

I wish my best friend would talk to my self-anointed liberal friends. I bet he’d me mighty confused.

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