>McCain, Palin just not doing it for me

>Sean Hannity is at it again. So is Fox News.

Ho hum. Hannity basically said the media is “regretful” about persecuting Sarah Palin one week ago. They’re back pedaling, he said, after hearing her speech at the Republican National Convention three nights ago.

Really, Hannity. Because from what I’ve seen on TV and witnessed firsthand, the only ones pumped up about Palin’s “awesomeness” are the Republicans. Palin, just like McCain the night after her speech, simply catered to the Republicans.

For instance, if you want to make a Republican happy, talk about how much you love America. If you’re a veteran and, furthermore, a former prisoner of war, then, by all means, talk about your experience.

This will give you a free pass on talking about political issues and allow you to be completely vague when it comes to discussing your attack plan. Just throw some random bullshit out there, paint it red, white and blue, and talk about how “moral” you are.

Hannity also said the media has been hounding Palin about her knocked-up daughter. I’ve not seen any evidence of this. I saw much more hounding of John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer in the days and weeks following their instances of “immoral” activities.

Palin’s family situation, on the other hand, has only been getting press time on Fox News.

Here’s what I see: the Republicans know this is the end for John McCain. He gave up a long time ago, which was evident a few weeks ago when he refused to allow his buddies to refer to Barack Obama by his middle name. It was evident last night, even, when he was so “respectful” of his opponent.

That’s not being classy – that’s making it difficult for people to make fun of you after you lose. If he talked mad crap about Obama today, it’d be easier for the media to chastise him after losing in November.

McCain picking Palin for a running mate was further evidence of McCain giving up – so now the Republicans, who all know this deep down inside, are defending her.

The polls suggest McCain and Obama are neck and neck, but don’t be fooled. If you look at the source of these polls, it’s AOL or some other internet site that a mere 800 people participated in … and I’d be willing to bet the poor, urban blacks working doubles at two jobs are not included.

McCain’s a mile behind Obama.

Palin is the Republicans’ golden child – the only one who’s allowed to have a child expecting an illegitimate baby and still be allowed in Heaven. She’s a minor, for God’s sake … those terrible media.

Palin’s daughter is comparable to Obama’s relationship with so-and-so alleged terrorist, according to Hannity. Journalism in America is dead, he said.

Well, Hannity, since you’re a journalist and that’s the kind of statement you make, maybe it really is dead. Palin is a conservative, dummy, which means she thinks Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church every Sunday and anyone who has premarital sex should get stomped by the beasts and burn in Hell. That’s why it’s ironic and even comical her daughter likes to bang older guys who dress like they’re in a boy band.

However, Obama preaches just the opposite of what can be implied by his relationships with alleged terrorists. The name of his game is to communicate with and not prejudge anyone – it just wouldn’t make sense to give him crap for knowing people of un-American beliefs.

You want to know what Republicans care about? Simply consider the subjects they cheered loudest about during McCain’s acceptance speech: offshore drilling and ripping on Obama.

How orthodox of the elephant party. It demonstrates their love for partisanship. They want to cheaply drive their hillbilly trucks and beat the democrats at all cost simply because elections boil down to childish power struggles to most of them.

Satan could be the Republican nominee for President – and they would vote for him.

As a registered Independent, I am not moved by Palin being added to the Republican ticket. I love her physical appearance, but I hate her rhetoric. She’s still a hick who has a dead bear draped over her living room couch, she’s still blindly conservative and stuck to her “moral” values, and she’s still committed to drilling offshore because others have told her that will make gas cheaper. She’s still not someone I want to see in the White House.

And McCain? Oh man – please John, tell me more war stories. I have not nearly heard enough.

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