>Palin: don’t take the bait

>I have 12 minutes to write this, so don’t expect anything long.

But Britney and (whatever her little sister’s name is) Spears’ mom is lashing out to anyone in earshot at the way Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy was seemingly swept under the rug while (whatever Britney’s little sister’s name is) got crucified in the media.

Sarah: don’t take the bait. Don’t thrust your daughter into the limelight by responding, and especially don’t let her speak publicly. I’m sure you’re aware of this (not that you’re even reading this), but your daughter is not a public figure like Britney’s little sister is. That’s why the media was permitted to have a field day with Spears’ pregnancy.

Britney’s sister became a public figure by thrusting herself into the limelight with her acting career. Sarah’s daughter is a private citizen unless she thrusts herself into the limelight too … making it virtually impossible for the media to peer into her private life.

I don’t think any one’s unplanned pregnancy should be celebrated in the media. But unfortunately for Britney’s sister, it did happen and will continue to happen whenever a public figure gets knocked up. At least Sarah’s daughter still has the right to her privacy.

And I really hope nothing happens that will convert her into a public figure. Both Sarah and her daughter need to pretend Spears’ mom didn’t say anything, and just stay away from this topic altogether. Sarah made the announcement because eventually it would have come out anyway (which was a solid tactic), now they need to keep the status quo.

Sarah’s daughter is dealing with a lot right now, like anyone in her situation does. We should let her deal with it, like we do most everyone else. She did not ask for her mother to be nominated for vice president.

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