Happy New Year’s

Welcome to 2009.

Made any resolutions? Have you broken them yet?

Don’t worry if you have – most don’t make it more than a month. But don’t think you have to wait for the following year to try again.

For me, it’s going to be to make an effort to schedule fun things to do. Big things. Trips, getaways, tours. I have to make an effort to do these things or my daily routine will swallow me whole.

I had a friend text me a photo from the Carolina Hurricanes/Atlanta Thrashers game tonight. That’s hockey, for those who don’t know. If I had to do it over again, I’d have planned to take Kalista to it and spend the night in Raleigh. It would have been a nice getaway at a reasonable price.

But nope. I didn’t do it. Not because I didn’t want to or because I felt my 3-year-old daughter would be too much of a hassle, but because it never crossed my mind.

So I’m here on New Year’s. Kalista’s in bed and I’m listening to the scanner. Did I turn 70 overnight? Where did my life go?

Just kidding. The fact I don’t enjoy being at the house on New Year’s Eve with my biggest plans being to use carpet freshener on the rug before I vacuum it is not something I’m happy about. It tells me I’m not worn down or worried my life is over.

I just didn’t make any plans.

I’m busy taking care of Kalista and working. It’s overwhelming at times. I handle her, handle my job but give no thought to a social life. I don’t think I’ve got the capacity for one.

So tomorrow, we’re going to wake up early. I’ll cook a good breakfast for Kalista and me, pack our bags and load her in the car. We’re going to go to Wilmington to see Erika and possibly Nate (I don’t know if Nate will be working or not).

Action-packed? Hardly. But at least we’re doing something on my day off. It’ll be good for both of us.

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