Nice try, Obama

President-elect Obama wants to improve energy efficiency in government buildings and schools. He also wants to boost alternative fuels – all in an effort to help our economy.


I see where he’s going with this in that we’re wasting a lot more than we have to, but I’m more than slightly skeptical. Trouble is, I offer no suggestions of my own.

I just don’t think his idea is going to work – and that’s all I have to contribute, really.

True, he will have the power to do these things once he’s president and they will have an impact, albeit a slight one. Very slight. If he wants to boost the economy by increasing the efficiency of the way we use energy, he needs to attack the source: the people.

Southerners who continue to refuse to embrace anything that may save energy. Towns down here who would laugh at the idea of offering perks such as parking spaces exclusive to compact car drivers, counties crying poverty and therefore have no intention of spending money to conserve anything, and leaders who think will not think outside the box and repeatedly look at attracting industry as the only way to bring jobs are all culprits for why Obama’s plan won’t work.

You’ve got to change the people of America if you want to change America. The leaders and their offices – even the nation’s school – play a tiny role in the broader scheme of things. But good luck reaching the people on this one – conserving our natural resources has been an ongoing battle for decades, and some even think it’s a lie that we should have to save anything.

I’ve given up on America, honestly. I don’t anticipate our economy ever recovering to its state of 12 years ago, which is fine to me, because I have very low financial standards. I just want to eat, feed and clothe my daughter and continue to receive necessary medical supplies. The beauty of this is I will never be affected by a real estate slump or price inflation because, to make it simple for you, I generally don’t buy anything.

But use, use, use and buy, buy, buy … that’s the American way. It’s capitalism, baby. Asking us to conserve anything would seemingly be admitting a weakness, and we’re not European enough to do that.

So, anyway, that’s make take on why Obama’s scheme for improving our economy will fail. It’s a great idea on paper, but good luck getting Americans to take action and contribute to it.

After all, wasn’t Obama elected to solve all of our problems himself?

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