Road trippin

Planning a trip to somewhere I’ve never been this summer. My buddy, Corey, from back home’s got this notion that a trip is in order – a break from the routine of everyday life, which is a good idea. He’s feeling the redundancy of his job and I need a vacation from time to time to stay fresh.

I suppose we both need to stay fresh, as most people hope to accomplish with their vacations.

Anyway, we’re pondering over what to do for a week to week-and-a-half-long road trip, seasoned with air travel to connect us both at the start. He’s got a hard on for New England, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire and I’d like to check out the Gulf Coast and Texas. Both of us would enjoy either.

I should state that my dream road trip would be a tour of Podunk towns in states like Missouri and Kansas, but these are difficult to arrange because part of the reason they are Podunk towns is caused by how invisible they are on the radar – or Internet, whichever term you prefer.

He, however, wants to embrace a mix of city and country entertainment – with the New England trip, for instance, the biggest perk to him is it enables us to check out the small towns between the big ones. With Missouri or bumfuck Kansas, there are no big towns.

Which is what gave me the Texas idea. I’ve never seen the place, but heard it’s its own country. Plenty of hillbillies, plenty of city slickers – lots of cattle and tumbleweed along the way.

(I now realize as I’m writing this that I really don’t have much of a desire to see the Gulf Coast.)

(I also now realize that the greatest time in my life for a road trip – my later years of high school or anytime in college – has passed.)

Where does the time go? It was just yesterday that I could have planned something like this for next month, if I had wanted. Why didn’t I? Damn Florida, South Carolina and a few other places along the East Coast – those were the only road trips I took with my friends when I lived in Western New York.

Why didn’t we head west like everyone else has in our nation’s history?

Of course, if we had gone west, I’d imagine I’d be saying the same thing about Florida and South Carolina. Probably not, but I’ll humor myself.

This is going nowhere. Sorry for wasting your time – these are thoughts best left to myself.

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