Who is Ann Coulter?

I watch the 11 o’clock news as part of my nightly routine. Usually, I’ll flip among the three local channels that cover eastern N.C., just checking to see what I haven’t heard about.

I’m beginning to realize the TV news guys could accurately be dubbed “the clean-up crew.” With the exception of a horrific animal cruelty story (I should add the person alleged to be responsible later revealed he was Jamaican and was practicing taxidermy), I don’t recall seeing them ever come up with original content – they have a knack for elaborating on whatever’s in that day’s newspapers.

Anyway, after 12 minutes of doing this, I switched over Showbiz Tonight on CNN – a horrible show I only watch by mistake. Ann Coulter was on.

Okay, that’s interesting content. Ann Coulter, the dictator of the conservative USA continent, was on a show infamous for making celebrities – who are typically known for their liberalism – even more famous.

Wait, wait, wait … just a minute, I thought. Why the Hell do people value Ann Coulter’s opinion or, at the very least, why is it in such high demand? I saw her tirade on The View (not live, I swear – it was a replay somewhere) and have watched various YouTube videos of similar escapades. I’m not saying I disagree with her principals or support them – what I am wondering is how it’s gotten to the point that Ann Coulter’s primary function in life is to go on TV shows and piss people off.

That’s a pretty sweet deal right there. Write a book and mention you think black people flaunt their blackness to gain attention. Go on talk shows and get asked to leave. Refuse to talk to liberal moderators at public debates.

What good does her opinion really do? Is anyone actually moved by what Ann Coulter has to say or has it gotten to the point that it’s often so outlandish to so many, even those who share her beliefs, that it’s become reality TV?

If anyone out there can tell me what Ann Coulter did to reach this point – whether it be she was a preacher or a reporter for some Biblical TV show – please let me know. Because I am truly baffled as to what makes her opinion in any greater demand than some loony tune bible-thumper in Trenton.

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