China in the U.S.

You know that $400,000+ china set recently purchased my President Bush’s wife? That was made in Kinston, N.C.,which is important to me because I that’s where I live.

And here I was, thinking news of this extravagant china set was just a last hurrah by the media to make President Bush look bad on his way out of office. Congratulations to Lenox – one of our local companies here struggling with the recent economic problems as much as the next guy.

At least the Bush family found a way to give back to one of the companies let down by its leader’s negligence.

I’m beginning to wonder if all our economic woes is going to lead to an unusually early influx of people getting their income taxes done. I know I can’t wait to get my refund back, although it’s just going to be used to pay bills. I wonder if Liberty Income Tax hired extra people this year to dress up like American monuments/iconic figures (Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, etc.) to wave down cars passing by the place.

Sounds like a decent story to do over the weekend.

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