Snow day

We got a “Hell” of a snowstorm in Kinston today. Three inches was what was forecasted, but I think it ended up being four by the time the day was through.

All my family and friends back home can stop laughing now.

Really, it was a good thing. What’s perceived as a nuisance in one place is a treasure to others. Such is the case with snow in western New York versus eastern North Carolina. The world stood still here today.

They closed everything down for the day simply because cities and counties didn’t have the resources to clear the roads … not that they should since, as I was told, this much snow hasn’t hit the area since 2004 when a whopping three inches blanketed the place.

I had to take Kalista to a friend’s place, where she played and played all day long with her two children, because her day care – like practically everything else – was closed. When I picked her up after I got off work (newspapers seem to relish their refusal to shut down under averse weather conditions), I commented to my friend that the rural road she lived on had very obviously not been touched by one of the three or so snow plows I saw rumbling throughout the county. She told me the local farmers usually take care of country roads such as the one she lived on.

I thought that was pretty cool – the ultimate embodiment of people helping people instead of people waiting for the government to lend a hand. It’s a shame we have to wait for a tri-annual snowfall to come through for each other.

Welp, just heard on the scanner that “all the back roads are startin’ to freeze.” I’m sure this situation – which I know all too well – will create quite the mess for people this evening. Let’s hope for another “day off” filled with neighbors helping neighbors tomorrow.

Then we can go back to ignoring one another.

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