Another loss for Buffalo

Buffalo’s WIVB reported the chicken wing supply is running low, both throughout the nation and in Buffalo, N.Y.

Most notables about this story: 1.) suppliers’ prices have gone up 100 percent, 2.) they’re called “Buffalo wings” by the national media (this is also on CNN) and “chicken wings” by people in and around Buffalo, and 3.) La Nova sells “ between 300,000 and 500,000 pounds of chicken wings per week. Take a minute to digest (poor word choice) that last factoid.

Half a million pounds of chicken wings in one week? Can you imagine?

Anyway, this represents yet another hit for Buffalo, the city which has been the envy of towns throughout the country for its apparent immunity to our nation’s financial crisis due to it already being shitty before President Bush let the U.S.’s shit go down the tubes.

It’s bad enough the place has gone from close to 1 million people 40 years ago to a tad more than 200,000. It’s worse that it loves its football team arguably more than any other American city and it’s the only NFL squad to lose four Super Bowls consecutively. Still worse is that this football team, the only thing many of its blue-collar residents still have, will someday – possibly – move to the preppy capital of the world, Toronto, Ontario (which is not in America).

But the wings? The wings? This time, God, you’re going too far.

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