Come here, Ricoh!

Listen to this clip (yes, you’ll have to download it) I got today when I went to check out a house fire. I don’t mean to poke fun at a man who just watched his house be ravaged by fire, but, well, actually … I am doing that and there’s no way around it.

Listen to the whole thing. I ask him if anyone was hurt and he says he only lives there with his dog … then he yells at his dog. Love it.

I also learned what smurfing is today. Apparently the meth crowd employs smurfing as a method of attaining the cold medicines the law now regulates how much they’re allowed to purchase. So meth cooks send “little guys” to different towns to get their hands on as much of the stuff as they can.

Lawmen around here believe they caught five smurfers today.

And I wrote a couple other juicy crime stories today you’ll have to check out. I don’t care to rehash them here, though, since all they really do is remind me quickly our society is jumping off a cliff.

What leads a person to a life of drugs, shady crime is something that will probably always baffle me. Is life really so hard that you must turn to this crap? Is it that difficult to get a job, live within your means, take care of your loved ones and engage in activities that are legal? Really – is that too much to ask?

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