Rabbit vagina

I see Walter B. Jones is trying to loosen restrictions on vehicles driving around Cape Hatteras … it’s the second time he’s tried to do this.

As usual, I do not agree with Walter B. Jones. This man has long been my least favorite politician in this area (not that I’ve really met that many) because of bonehead, capitalistic ideas such as this one.

Can you believe it? He cited the tough economic times as being a reason for his belief fisherman, gypsies and probably panhandlers should be allowed to drive their Land Rovers over the sand and near the water.

Funny thing is, he voted against President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan today.

Does Sr. Jones even consider how much constant traffic degrades the appearance of a beach? Has it ever popped into his head that waterfronts might, just maybe, be there to remind us all what a wonderful God we’ve got? Nope. It’s all about the money we could make off beaches, baby!

Here’s what I’ve learned about Walter B. Jones thus far: 1.) if it has anything to do with not promoting Jesus, he wants nothing to do with it, 2.) if it can make people more money, he’s going to be in love with it, 3.) promoting military action at all costs – who gives a crap about the rationale behind the military action – is a top priority.

Speaking of the military, this morning I attended a town council meeting where a group of Vietnam, Korean and World War II veterans presented to town officials their request they be given free grave sites upon their death – a policy they hoped to impact all future war veterans from the town.

I usually feel something when I do a story like this – but today, let me tell you at the risk of being deemed unpatriotic, I did not.

Maybe it was their demeanor. Perhaps it was the way they came across – essentially branding non service men and women as a bunch of do-nothings who took for granted the greatest nation in the world. It was kind of belittling and made me think I was worthless because I’ve never been in the military.

It was easier for me to write the story that way, though. By feeling nothing for them, I was able to just get the facts without my judgment being clouded by my own opinion on the matter. Veterans deserve an awful lot. A lot more than we give them, for sure. But you can’t expect a town to just give them land – Hell, this is land we rightfully stole from the Injuns … we can’t just give three acres of it away.

They made a strong point, though. Town officials who serve one four-year term get free burial, which is exactly what they’re after.

And everyone should know by now about how I feel regarding members of government – even if it’s local government – getting special treatment.

Here’s the thing: if I wanted to, I bet I could be elected to the Snow Hill Town Commission (not to single out Snow Hill – I bet I could also win in La Grange and, undoubtedly, Jones County). Does that mean I deserve a free grave site? Absolutely not.

Do veterans deserve a free grave site? Maaaaaybe … but we should be smart about it. If adopted, this is the sort of policy that people could take serious advantage of. There will always be those scrappers who never saw combat or life-threatening situations while nestled in at some Airforce base for 12 months after high school and went on to do nothing with their lives – they don’t deserve a free burial anymore than a single mother of three in east Buffalo.

I suppose, after reading this, that people will assume I’m a bleeding heart liberal who doesn’t support his troops. That’s fine, since I’ve written plenty of stuff that leads people to call me a conservative. Truth is, I don’t give a damn. I hate both ideologies wonderfully equally.

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