I’m happy to be here to vote randomly on who oughta take the next dive …

Met a couple of guys from South America today – worldly travelers who said the election of Barack Obama meant about as much to non-Americans as it did to the citizens he’s expected to bail out of this mess.

Here’s the story, if you’re interested.

I’m not really happy with this one. Initially, I thought it’d be something cool like my meeting with Beatrice Davis, who endured the pains and struggles of the U.S. civil rights days in the 50s and 60s.

It wasn’t.

Instead, it was more anti-America jargon from developing nations. I told his story fine, I believe, but personally I sat through the 25-minute conversation wondering at several points if this guy was “social connecting” as well as he seemed to think he was.

The trouble starts with America, he clearly indicated. It’s about what America needs to do, what America hasn’t been doing and how Americans, as a rule of thumb, don’t concern themselves with what’s happening beyond U.S. borders.

Well fuck you too, I thought.

I wanted to ask him for specific examples of the generalizations he was making: such as America disrespecting human rights. Anyone can make that charge, but it’s so common nowadays that it isn’t believable without some sort of evidence. Unfortunately, I wasn’t about to dedicate 50 inches to the guys – there was little to no chance of them spilling the beans on what “their” countries could do to better themselves, which would have been the whole story.

I mean, he thought it was comical when I posed for a photo with them after the interview holding the flag from their home country. There was no chance of them saying, “Well, the reason why 70 percent of our country lives below the poverty line is because we’ve always looked to other countries to wipe our ass.”

Don’t get me wrong – I saw what they were getting at and personally do not dispute that our soldiers and CIA operatives are committing some pretty horrendous acts to citizens we will never hear or read about. There must be a reason why so many people allege the U.S. of this crap.

But I am an American deep down inside. Many have died to delegate us, as they put it, the protectors of the world. If you’re going to talk shit about what the U.S. did wrong or neglected to do right, you’re going to have to back it up, in my opinion.

This blog is a great thing for me, though. I told his story – shared his thoughts with everyone who reads our paper. I did the best I could at relaying what he thought and has observed without interjecting my opinion.

Well, here’s my opinion on my blog: suck it, dickhead. We must be doing something right in this great, big land of tyranny.

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