Fun times, fun times

Big day tomorrow. Could be, anyway. The Jones County Commission will have its monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. at the county government complex in Trenton. On the agenda will be a “new” overtime policy – or mere amendments to the current policy – that should affect the sheriff’s office.

I’ve yet to get a lot of details on this, as it’s not a public document until the board has voted on it. And since I’ve written quite a bit supporting the idea that lawmen in that county – the fourth-largest in N.C. – are getting the shaft from the powers that be, I probably won’t get a lot of cooperation from local government when it comes to obtaining a sneak peak.

But, here’s the deal: the sheriff’s office is shorthanded, which means many lawmen need to work extra hours to ensure residents are protected. The county doesn’t want to shell out money/comp to pay for this. We shall see what will come of this. It should be interesting, considering the shortage of LE officers has been quite obvious the past few months.

Too bad this only affects about 10,000 people.

The town of La Grange will also have its monthly meeting tomorrow night. It got its audit back, so I expect to see the report on that. The chamber of commerce did very well in 2008 – we’ll see how the town did. Nothing’s mentioned on the agenda regarding the possible police switch from town to county coverage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something came up about it. The audit should show a bunch of red numbers in the police budget area, according to what’s been said about the possible switch.

I am stoked about being invited on a canoe ride down the Trent River on Friday. Don’t know who this group is or if it’s even a group at all that’s putting on this trash cleanup effort (still waiting on a response e-mail), but it looks like once again I’ll be getting paid to float down a creek. I love my job.

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