Rut time

Gonna be in a rut for the next week- I can already tell.

For starters, you should know that lately I’ve felt the stress of securing Kalista’s future really getting to me. It’s exhaustion. Don’t care to divulge too much information here just because its being at the top of my mind all the time is precisely why I’m tired these days, but we’ll just say there are some skeletons in her family who refuse to be shaken.

Just really stressful to know one of the few people in the world you really care about is being dragged into the kind of crap I’ve seen. You want to protect that person at all costs – and you’ll go to the ends of the Earth to do it. That’s where the exhaustion comes in.

So, couple this with a Jones Post week from Hell (basically, the Jones Post is a wannabe newspaper I am responsible for that consumes more than ¼ of my work week), as well as the fact I am weekend reporter, which means I get two days off in the middle of the week, aaaand you see nothing but a few stories from Justin all week.

You just can’t get the same amount of work done over the weekend as you can during the week. It’s terrible.

On that note, I find myself being overwhelmed at work these days … such as last week when the boss asked me to pursue an update on this highway project around here. Big news? Yes. Fun? Not a chance.

It was the most time-consuming, boring endeavor I’ve ever embarked on. I got it done today, but I know it’s not my best stuff – frankly, I’d lulled myself into such a monotonous state of mind gathering information that when it came time to slap a lead onto the thing, I had no ambition.

It’s not the first time I’d been given something to do that takes too long and bores the shit out of me. That’s the trouble with my style and the very definition of my field: sometimes what is “news” is not interesting to me and I end up despising it.

More trouble is it handicaps my ability to go out and find stories. Shit, I’ll come right out and say it: I’m assigned so many stories that I don’t have time to generate my own, which is a shame because the ones I come up with are generally my best work.

The paper keeps cutting pages to save money. Why not cut the Jones Post and save about 12 hours of my time? I promise you’ll see more Free Press work out of me – and quality stuff.

I don’t even feel like a journalist at times like these …

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