I love the story about the ice fishermen who had to be rescued off Lake Erie Saturday after the section of the frozen water they were on broke away from the rest of the ice.

Granted, it’s sad one guy died and good no one else was hurt during the recovery effort, which, according to the local sheriff, cost Ottawa County, Ohio, more than $25,000. But the juicy part of the story is what the sheriff had to say in the aftermath.

“I have no problem with people ice fishing, but these idiots should realize that when you see open water, you should not build a bridge and cross it,” Sheriff Bob Bratton told CNN. “It’s a shame you can’t arrest people for stupidity.”

Wow. These quotes are the best kind — unfiltered, fresh after an incident that could have killed many and before anyone could let what is traditionally considered “wise” judgment come into play.

I am sure this sheriff will not be well liked by many across the nation after hearing what he had to say, but do you think he really gives a damn? He works for the taxpayers of his county — not the hundreds of thousands who were probably aghast after hearing his “heart-less” words.

Me? I love this guy.

Can anyone really debate what he said? Here come these out-of-towners trying to live an episode of “Most Dangerous Jobs” without having any real knowl-edge of ice fishing — stupid of them to build a bridge from one plot of ice to another? You betchya.

Everyone kind of expects law enforcement and other emergency personnel to be simply overtaken by jubilance after a massive life-saving endeavor, overlooking the apparent stupidity that may have caused them to undertake the initiative.
It’s shocking to hear one of them comment on the mess that led to the dangerous life-saving effort.

Good for this sheriff, I say. Good for him.

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