Olean, N.Y.

Oh, to have Olean, N.Y. again. As you watch this video, there is one thing you all should be saying to yourselves.

“Man, this guy is a loser.”

You are right. I will give you that. Being from a town near the place this was filmed, I can tell you there is a good chance this man spent a lot of time at one of the local watering holes. A lot of his time.

Also, why the Hell did this guy shoot this video? There appears to be no motivation behind him doing so other than to put Olean on Youtube. If that’s the case, I am grateful as I watch this clip and have to admit it triggers nostalgia. Shit, I can remember cruising those same streets in the old S-10. I think I got pulled over in the Celica one or eight times very close to where this man is standing.

But one can only speculate this was his sole reason behind this – there’s also a good chance he is downright crazy, lonely and foolish.

I’ll give him props for the old school Sabres hat, though.

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