As expected, the TV news guys copied my story on the Jones Senior High School sex scandal in which a teacher allegedly made a student give him head.

Here’s the story.

Of the three stations round these parts, two did not release his name and one did. As you know, I did in my story that sent these guys in motion – a decision I have no regrets about.

I received five e-mails and two phone calls from people thanking me for breaking the story. No one complained about my decision to keep it going.

“No one’s ever reported what the higher-ups around here don’t want reported,” one lady told me. “You could change things around here if you keep this up.”

Another lady told me on the phone she had a daughter who went to the high school – she thanked me for letting her know who it is any how it supposedly happened, and for bringing to light the fact the school waited two months after the allegations were made to do anything about it.

Two others said they think teachers will think twice before trying to pull something like this.

I do wonder if, though, and secretly hope this guy did it. Still, it’s tough to say I won’t change things around there regardless once this is said and done, which is ultimately all I’ve ever wanted to do at this job.

Shit, at my salary, I better get satisfaction out of what I do …

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