Wrote one story this weekend. Sweet worker, ain’t I?

Don’t worry – many more weekend like this and I’m sure I’ll need to start looking for another job.

It all started with Saturday – Kalista’s mother’s bi-weekly three-hour visitation at the public library, which I am court-ordered to supervise. The trouble here is this: being that it directly affects my daughter, there’s nothing – including a blatant opportunity to win a Pulitzer Prize – that could pull me away from a visit. Momma’s crazy, judge says Daddy has to watch her when she’s around the child … does the paper really think I’m going to risk allowing Ms. Wonderful to pull one of her classic moves and hurt Kalista?

I sure hope not.

Anyway, this weekend was an eye-opener: I cannot be scheduled to work on visitation days. We’re talking two days per month that I am unavailable to work … is that so difficult?

Apparently, it is. But it’s a formula that’s gonna have to be reworked, because I will quit before having a termination on my resume because I was unable to satisfy the 4 p.m. deadline for obituaries.

Then fucking Pat McCrory decided not to show up in Kinston at an event we planned to lead the Sunday paper with. There went that story, not that it was really my fault.

I just hate not being able to come through for people – despise when others have to pick up my slack.

So today I applied myself extra hard in a piece on a parenting class for moms and dads of juvenile delinquents. It turned what was supposed to be a basic “this is the class and this is how you sign up for it” story into something I believe many will be interested in reading about – ultimately, I hope it makes parents want to attend the class, which should impact at least one Lenoir County kid’s upbringing.

And that’s really the only reason I do this job.

Also, and finally, look for a new twist in the Jones County High School sex scandal – I’m not going to get into specifics, but I’ve heard it’s gonna get juicy. I’ll let you know what I know when I know it.

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