Found out today the town of La Grange is real close to adopting a plan that would replace its police force with county sheriff coverage.

They’re just waiting on the Board of Commissioners to approve the contract – then everything is go for July 1.

I wonder why more towns the size of La Grange don’t do this. It’ll save each resident about 24 percent in tax dollars they put toward police coverage and afford them with resources they never had before, such as a narcotics unit and K-9 unit.

Sheriff’s all on board with it, too.

If there’s a drawback to the plan, I’ve yet to see it – it’ll be interesting to see if it affects the county.

My favorite hooligans of the month, listed on the Free Press crime blog, continued trodding down the legal system path yesterday, getting continuances to their cases until God knows when. Maybe someday they’ll face justice.

Legal system in N.C. seems really, really busted. Police arrest an awful lot of people who don’t get much in terms of a punishment – many get slap after slap on the wrist until they commit murder. Then the state decides to allot them space in the crowded jails, which means they typically get lengthy sentences, which is exactly why the prisons are overcrowded.

Maybe if they handed out more 6-month sentences, guys would get the idea it’s time to stop screwing around and the Department of Corrections would actually correct something.

But that’s just me – I’m a big fan of coming down on evil-doers.

Of course, then jobs would be hard to come by for defense lawyers and bail bondsmen. What a catch-22 this is …

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