Let’s go, T.O.

Finally, after two weeks of hesitation, I will admit that I am excited about the Buffalo Bills sign-ing Terrell Owens to a one-year contract.
What damage can he do in one season?
And furthermore, can this damage be any worse than that which has been caused by Mar-shawn Lynch’s legal escapades?
Lynch, who for two years has looked like the Bills’ next Thurman Thomas. …
Lynch, who has been one of the few Bills players opposing teams look out for when playing the Bills …
Lynch, who makes playing in Buffalo actually look fun …
The man now looks like a mini Pacman Jones — you can’t tell me that doesn’t affect team pride.
So signing the sometimes volatile T.O. really doesn’t look all that bad. Owens might have meltdowns, yell at teammates, indirectly criticize playcalling at press conferences, but it’s all been done out of sheer competitiveness.
At least his teammates have always known he’s focused on the game, which cannot neces-sarilly be said when I guy pulls the off-field shenanigans Lynch has.
No, like I said, I am actually pumped to see what the Bills can do with T.O. lined up across from Lee Evans. Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish are solid receivers — but they should flourish in support roles, where they can surprise opposing secondaries and nickelbacks, instead of as straight-up number two receivers.
T.O. will own Trent Edwards. Fact.
Is that a problem, though? I don’t think so — someone’s got to light a fire under this guy’s butt.
Edwards’ main problem in 2008 was the mental pressure he put on himself. The better he did and the more press he got, the harder he tried. He wanted to be perfect, and that ended up killing him in games during the second half of the season. I watched him force an awful lot of throws in the Cleveland and Miami games.
Hopefully, with all eyes being on T.O., Edwards can return to the free-spirited form he embod-ied the first part of 2008. A talented receiving core that can go after throws instead of waiting for them to fall into their hands makes the windows Edwards has to throw through a lot bigger.
The Bills should not worry about their skilled positions as much as they should their offensive line. It’s taken a hit this offseason, and it really wasn’t anything to write home about to begin with. Jason Peters is the player who needs to think more about the team and less about himself — not Terrell Owens.
And that void left by Derrick Dockery’s departure? They’re calling it filled, but I’ll believe it when I see it.
T.O. could actually flourish in Buffalo. The fans are going to love him if he performs, which you know he will. Unlike his situations in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, the fans in Buffalo are thirsty for talent … they yearn for national attention and respect.
Owens’ mere presence automatically brings those things to the Bills.
Go ahead and steal the spotlight in Buffalo, T.O. … someone’s got to, since, let’s face it, Evans, Lynch and Edwards are far from assertive. It’s clearly yours for the taking.

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