I love Buffalobills.com. Though I love the Buffalo Bills and it kind of makes sense I would love the only Web site on the Internet devoted entirely to this football team, there is one more reason.

Chris Brown, who is (self-dubbed, I presume) identified as “Lead Journalist” in his byline repeatedly on the site, has got to be the most optimistic son of a bitchin Bills fan I know. Biased? Absolutely. But as a Bills fan who would probably have a hard time not letting my love affair come through in my “work” just like Brown, I have a hard time complaining about it.

Since Terrell Owens signed with the good guys, there have been about 15 articles he’s written about how awesome the Bills’ offense is going to be, how Randy Moss even thinks so and how Jim Kelly thinks Owens’ signing is like the addition of James Lofton, who appeared in all four of Buffalo’s Super Bowls. Brown’s also quick to squash any rumors T.O. might be a bad teammate with running articles that quote his former teammates with saying what a joy Owens was to be around.

Meanwhile, any articles about Marshawn Lynch’s legal troubles are hard to come by on Buffalobills.com …

There is no other Web site on the Internet that is pro-Bills. The major ones, such as NFL.com and ESPN.com all write the bad stuff about T.O. and Trent Edwards, many which say that even if T.O. doesn’t cause a mutiny in Buffalo, Trent won’t be able to get him the ball because, well, Trent sucks. Oh and Marshawn Lynch’s legal battle? I followed it every step of the way on NFL.com.

This is the earliest I’ve gotten excited for the upcoming NFL season. I usually fall into NHL mode in the offseason and attempt to watch baseball for a few weeks before realizing how tediously boring it is and giving up, whereupon I start constantly bitching there’s nothing to watch on TV because there are no NFL Sundays.

But this year? Screw hockey. Screw baseball. College basketball? Puh-lease.

I’m ready to see what kind of an impact T.O.’s going to have on the Bills’ anemic offense, which suddenly has one of the best group of wide receivers in the NFL – if not, THE best.

Go Bills.

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