Bad mood

Watched this movie Appaloosa over the weekend. I think it was over the weekend – sometime recently is all that matters.

Like all good westerns seem to do, it left me yearning for better days with out society.

For instance, in Appaloosa, the laws and bi-laws were posted on the doors in the middle of town. Anyone who broke them – any of them – was subject to being shot by the Marshal or his deputy.

The men hung out on the front porches of the downtown buildings all day, drinking coffee, having a smoke, messing with their guns. At night, they’d shuffle off to the parlor area of the town’s hotel, where they’d casually drink whiskey straight and listen to the piano. One or two words would be shared.

The women were either whores or taken. There was no in between shit. They were either true, ambitious or outwardly uncommitted.

Nowadays, we’ve got all this crap muddling our society down. It’s rare to hear of law enforcement shooting a blatant criminal – everyone gets a trial, and before that, a chance to bond out of jail. There’s a good chance the legal system will cut ‘em loose before the department of corrections ever gets a chance to correct anything.

Nowadays, the men do stupid jobs. Shit that doesn’t accomplish anything. They’re engineers, construction foremen, insurance salesmen. Newspaper reporters. Every man’s job has him so binded, he forgets there’s a life to live and a world out there. A place to look over as he sips a cup of coffee.

Some women are whores just the same as they were in Appaloosa, except even dumber and less self-sufficient. They don’t ride in to town on trains like they used to, they just stay in the same place for all the years of their lives. Others are ambitious, but so ambitious they – much like the men of today – are too busy to take in the natural good that is around them. Then their ambitions are in vain because they can’t find good in them, and they become frustrated, and they become whiny – though men do this too.

Today we go on vacation to places like Florida and gaze over manmade monuments commemorating nothing. Our movie industry. Our cars. Our shit. We like seeing sharks, but only the ones in tanks that are trained to swim up to us as we walk by in halter tops, sunglasses and sandals. We like palm trees, but just the ones that have been planted next to our condo.

None of us go to Yellowstone these days.

And why would we? Yellowstone was built by God, appreciated by geologists whom nowadays we’d call nuts, and approved to be treasured forever by a Congress that had a spine. Teddy Roosevelt was proud – and rightly so …

But then the shithead tourists – Floridian tourists of those days – flocked and made it a shopping center. The Roosevelt loyalists resisted, the two sides compromised, and now it’s nothing: too plastic for the naturalists, too rustic for the others.

Should have been like Appaloosa men and shot the tourists dead the first sign they were acting up. But the liberals had already begun their infiltration of America in the 1950s and would have had a stroke.

I believe I was born in the wrong generation. I would have much rather been killed in a battle with Native Americans or trampled by buffalo and lived to see the world as God gave it to us than be ornery over what we’ve done with the place.

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