A cabin in the woods

For the eight months, Kalista and I have been saving for a trip somewhere.

This has amounted to me throwing whatever change is in my pocket at the end of each day into a jar, which I cash in from time to time and deposit into my savings Keep the Change account through Bank of America. Between this effort and the Keep the Change part of the deal, it’s up to about $400.

So it’s time to start looking for a trip. And I need some help.

Kalista has never seen the western half of her home state. That is a shame because, although we happen to live in the eastern part by default, I feel the western part is the best part of North Carolina. You can actually breathe there.

Now, what makes western N.C. so much better (in my humble opinion) than eastern N.C. is that it’s beautiful because the place itself is beautiful and not the things people have put in the place. I guess this is the foundation of all my dismay with coastal N.C. towns. Too many Bojangles, not enough openness.

This is exactly why this weekend excursion has to involve being outside a lot. If it were me, a tent, sleeping bag, load of firewood and a couple cases of beer would be wonderful. But Kalista is 3, so I should be reasonable. Fine.

Don’t suggest a hotel. You might as well reroute our trip to Disneyworld. However, a tent is out of the question for a 3-year-old. She doesn’t need T.V., but she does need electricity and running water.

What I’m looking for is a cabin in the woods.

Any ideas?

Back home, in western New York, state parks had the cabins I’m looking for. One to two-room shacks that had a bathroom, platforms for sleeping bags (beds), fridge and a fireplace. For about $30 bucks a night, you kept the rain off you and had the amenities to perform entry-level medical procedures, but that was it. It was a place to sleep.

I’ve looked at some Web sites. Haven’t looked hard, so I’m not saying cabins like these aren’t out there, but what I have seen is an utter catastrophe. Honeymoon suits, luxury cabins, chandeliers on the back porch balcony overlooking an Indian casino and a stream. Hardly what we’re in the market for.

I know that part of the state has been hit pretty hard by developers, but this must be a possibility. We’re not looking for any area in particular – just somewhere in the mountains.

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