I would rather kill a man than a snake.

I look at a sparrow balancing effortlessly on a tree branch still quivering from its arrival. Or a king snake slithering over a brush. A yellow jacket. A wren. A rabbit. Any animal we deem “wild.”

They were given the right of way to the land on which we live. Here long before us, they’re left scrambling for shelter and nearly confused as to why they find none.

And we humans in our infinite wisdom, with our willingness to purchase locks and hire private security companies to watch over our stately brick homes in a gated community, have the audacity to be genuinely confused when we find bears in our neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods that are so new – so recently carved out of the forest – that you can still see the seams in the rolls of sod the builders put down in our yards.

Raleigh’s getting famous for this. Notorious. The city’s outskirts, that is – places like Cary, Macedonia. There are others, but mainly Cary. Nothing good comes from Cary from what I‘ve seen of the place. They seemed to use a surgeon’s tools when they designed it – long, skinny instruments used for plucking thread sewn into a denim that clothes shitheads.

Everything‘s new in Carey, but the attitude‘s much of the same old shit. Wild animals are much more worthy of life than the sticker-riddled Suburban drivers who call the news when there‘s a bear loose in their housing development.

I’ve never seen anything good in Cary. A bear is more worthy of life than the majority of Cary’s residents. So pristine is Cary. I hope it goes away, this Cary.

I can’t find anything about the food chain that gives us any more right to complain about wild animals being around than the wild animals to complain about us. We are not in the middle of the chain – we’re at the top. That means if we go away, the chain won’t be as long, but it will still go on. Nothing would be without food if the humans were gone.

The same cannot be said of life if the fish were to disappear or the killed all the insects. We take from everything without putting back, while what they take supports life beyond them.

The chain would be just fine without us, and it will once we kill ourselves off.

Some people believe humans are special. I believe these people should be the least deserving of life. More often than not, they think our species is the chosen race for some religious reason – something to do with Jesus giving more of a damn about us than anything else, therefore paving the way for us to – uninhibitedly – “go forth and prosper.”

People who believe crap like this don’t cherish this world and don‘t deserve to experience its beauty. Not that they do anyway.

Don’t get me wrong – I know there’s a god up there because there’s no way the world became the mish-mash of dog poop it is all on its own.

I’m just saying we’re not fucking special. We’re a mere speck on the timeline of humanity. The world has gone on for millions of years, while we humans haven’t even been here for close to one. But these people think God made this place for us to use at our discretion …

We have destroyed in the last 300 years what has taken millions of years to create. We’re nearing the end of our fossil fuel supply – and that’s been in the Earth since dinosaurs were here. We’ve only been using it since the late 1800s.

Wild animals never had slaves. We did. Wild animals don’t struggle with obesity. We do. Wild animals aren’t watching depression dominate their lives. We are.

But we are the breed of animals chosen by God? You sure?

We just think we are.

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