Rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert

Memorial Day is Monday.

Supposed to be May 30, but the profiteers decided there was profit to be made and capitalistic US of A agreed. So here were are. The last Monday of May is Memorial Day.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with a veteran who will share with me what Memorial Day means to him. A Korean War vet who lost several of his comrades, including two before his eyes, I’m sure the holiday originally intended to recognize the sacrifice of American servicemen who have died in combat means a bit more than it does to the hit dog-toting, let’s-get-drunk-because-I’m-off-Monday people who’ll be out in full force this weekend.

I also wrote a little ditty on holiday travel over the weekend and spoke to a state trooper. You guessed it: the DWIs are up over Memorial Day.

Could it have something to do with the fact we intentionally designated this holiday to a spot on the calendar that would give everyone a three-day weekend?

Shame. Just shameful, if you ask me. You want to disrespect a holiday? Pick one of the Hallmark ones such as Valentine’s, Mother’s or Father’s day. Why do we choose to disrupt a tradition that started just after the Civil War?

That’s just me, though. To each his own. Somewhere in the BibleÓ it says “go forth and prosper,” so we need to make as much money as we can no matter what … because God said so, we say.

In more important news today, I took Kalista to a Kinston Indians game. She loved it. Always has. I enjoy these functions (we’ve gone to games before) because they fit neatly into my schedule – there are so many things I want to do with her and ideas that’d be great to manifest that never seem to occur. There are weeds in the flower bed. The petunias hanging in baskets on the porch have grown too big and choked themselves – they need replaced with new batches.

I’d love to show her this little creek I found a few miles from our palace while out on my bike one day …

Indians games, though, are perfect. I get the tickets free through work, so it’s not like we have any obligation to stay the whole game. She loves being outside, I love sitting next to her and explaining what’s happening. She’s learning more about baseball every time we go.

Not that I’m motivated much by her learning about baseball.

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