You can appreciate places and life in general without anyone being around. You can even be satisfied by them.

But happiness is something you have to share in order to experience it.

I used to go to state parks in N.C. when I was in college. Even abstract places off the beaten path. They were places similar to those I remembered from childhood, when there would always be others around to see them with me.

Seeing them alone gave me satisfaction. Seeing them with my family brought happiness.

And to think I never realized this until I had Kalista.

Went to a state park today in Wayne County. Nothing spectacular – the usual state park with a couple walking trails through the woods and a few spots to take photos along the way. Just like many other parks I’ve seen in N.C.

It felt, though, wonderful to experience it with another. Someone important to me who seemed glad to be there. This made me happy, which is not anything I recall from past trips to state parks.

Now I yearn to see even more sights with my eyes open.

There’s beauty in everything God has made, which is everything compared to the beauty in the things man has built. Even the rocks went through an intricate, time-consuming process of being created we only claim to be familiar with. The same goes for trees, rivers and cliffs. They’re all beautiful.

This can only go so far when you find yourself the only one looking at it, though. Watching the people you love experience them alongside of you brings more than the raw satisfaction of you looking at them alone – seeing it together brings happiness, which feeds the desire to see even more. Just knowing they, too, are satisfied with the experience fosters the love you share.

At least for me, anyway.

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