Damn government


There are rumors of a federal ban on text messaging while driving. A FEDERAL ban.

Here comes evidence I’ve been living down south for a while: what the Hell god damn right does the federal government have to tell each state’s lawmakers how to do their jobs?

In theory, it’s a little absurd. Driving laws that work in mountainous Colorado aren’t always applicable to places like flat-land Iowa or eastern North Carolina. What should be a law in places where constant attention to the road is mandatory is a little unnecessary – and un-American – in areas where it’s okay to look away from the road for a few minutes.

We should leave a law like a text messaging ban up to the state and let the feds worry about war and taxes. Don’t tell states how to govern themselves, federal government – especially when you can’t run yourself very well.

That’s like treating a common cold with a drug that has a side effect of gonorrhea.

However, take me back five years ago – when I could say the longest I’d been out of New York State was two weeks in sixth grade on a family vacation – and I’m totally onboard with this. I had the idea the federal government was at the top of the hierarchy of legislation and whatever it said went, no questions asked.

These days when I hear rumors of a federal ban on text messaging while driving, words like “unconstitutional” and “Gestapo” come to mind.

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