Socializing medicine – why it sucks

Check this:

I’m a little more than slightly concerned about what our President wants to do. Basically, all fancy terminology aside, he wants everyone to have health coverage.

It can’t possibly be a bad thing, right?

Wrong. If there were no flaws in the ideology whatsoever, it would have happened long ago. But there obviously are flaws and I’d be beating an all-too familiar drum if I stated it’s not fair to those who pay for their own health insurance.

We have Medicaid. It works fine. It works better than Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is what I have, because, well, it makes the people using it get health care at a reduced cost (or no cost at all) for just filling out some documents.

Do I bitch about fronting their bill? Nope. It’s the least I can do. People don’t deserve to die because they’re poor.

However, I would bitch if I had to pay even more to front their bills – and that’s what President Barack Obama is using as his selling point in all this.

According to him, Americans who have health insurance pay more money than they should because people without any insurance get treatment and don’t pay their bills. This in turn raises premiums, also according to him.

I say “according to him” twice intentionally, but he’s probably right. But what he’s not addressing at all – which I’d very much like to hear him address – is the probability of premiums going down if his health care plan goes into effect.

He’s probably never going to do that – and here’s why: I am 99.666… percent certain it’s not going to happen. The insurance companies – like all companies, it seems – aren’t about to lower their prices BECAUSE (and you’ve got to love this) they are part of corporate America.

No, on second thought, it’s because they’re run by humans and humans, for the most part, are very selfish.

I don’t see an epidemic out there. We’re not a developing nation (formerly known as a “third world country”) yet. Not even close. I bet very few people in this country die when they could have been saved. As I said, Medicaid is working fine.

I’m also a firm believer in survival of the fittest. Do I think people should die if they can’t afford to live? It’s not my first choice, but I believe it’s more important that people live if they’ve never done anything that warrants death.

The cold, hard truth is we’re reaching a point where there are just too many people on this planet. Take the exploitation of beautiful, wide-open states like – gee, I don’t know – North Carolina, for instance. The vast majority of land that’s sacrificed because someone has lived longer than they should – longer than God probably wants – is increasing.

It’s almost as if people are afraid to die, which is foolish because death is as natural of a part of life as anything. Maybe some have lost sight of God and, in turn, become afraid of dying. Who knows.

What I do know, though, is that if you adopt a universal – which is synonymous with “socialized” – healthcare system, you’re going to take away everyone’s incentive to buy their own health insurance. That’s just the way things work here in society.

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