Sky stealing

From a New York Times article on it now being legal in Colorado to catch rain:

Who owns the sky, anyway? In most of the country, that is a question for philosophy class or bad poetry. In the West, lawyers parse it with straight faces and serious intent. The result, especially stark here in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, is a crazy quilt of rules and regulations — and an entire subculture of people like Mr. Bartels who have been using the rain nature provided but laws forbade.

In an ideal world, I would sound mature and possibly even educated in my response to this. But the world is far from ideal, isn’t it?

Who owns the sky? Try God, you knuckleheads. Don’t want to talk about there being a God? Fine. Anyone except us owns the sky.

The very thought any one person or entity – or a collection of either, for that matter – owning the fucking sky is quite possibly as unsettling as the unfortunate reality that people own land. Or water, such as the case is in numerous developing nations where commercialized shitholes like Great Britain and the U.S. have “privatized” much of their natural H20 supply.

What the fuck do we want the sky for, anyway? It can’t be used for building housing complexes, can it? Do people directly profit – even dominate – the sky?

The sky’s the limit. Childhood saying that’s supposed to conjure ambition.

Now it seems that saying’s on the way out, since apparently the sky’s becoming more of a nifty item on the government’s portfolio.

That certainly limits things.

God damn government.

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