I don’t need no Civil War

According to this news article, New York City’s paying a one-time fee to send its homeless people the Hell away.

Makes me think of states’ rights – a phenomenon I never knew existed today until I moved south. Apparently, New York actually does care more about itself than the nation as a whole.

Man, was I blind back when I first moved down here when I was utterly perplexed as to why Southerners chastised me for being from where I’m from.

Here’s the deal: If you’ve got lung cancer, it doesn’t do you a whole heck of a lot of good to send the cancer down to your pancreas. Or your leg. Or anywhere else in your body. You’ve still got cancer.

This analogy, however, only works if you consider the term “United States” to be singular rather than plural. And we all should, right?

Well, the truth is, folks in the South don’t. Like Bruce Hornsby said, “That’s just the way it is.” Get over it, the rest of America – it is what it is. But New York riding this gravy train? The epitome of big government wiping peoples’ asses – you mean to tell me the state of New York is going to look out for itself and no one else???

That’s what it sounds like when it starts sending its homeless people to other places, including other states. Instead of working to make homeless people un-homeless, it’s just going to shift the burden to another place – sort of like a lung cancer patient trading his sickness in for pancreatic cancer.

Does it really do any good?

Of course not. But at least it keeps NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg from knowing there are $36,000/year taxpayer burdens in his town. Send them to some other place.

But here’s the problem: these homeless people will fail down South. Know why? N.Y. (and Pennsylvania) is notorious for taking “too much” care of their government-reliers-upon … that is, homeless people from N.Y. will move to North Carolina, for instance, and get a rude awakening in the form of “we’re going to make sure you don’t die, but that’s about it.”

Why do you think there’s such a difference in tax rates between N.Y. and N.C. – a cornerstone-type reason so many people are moving (voluntarily) from the Empire State to the Tarheel State? Wellies do better up North than they do down South. There isn’t the tax base to take care of them in the South.


Anyway, the crux of what’s eating at me with this one is the following: if Americans are going to work together to find solutions to their problems, states need to stop sending their cancers to other states. That is purely unacceptable.

Walt Whitman stated the early 20th century was the time when the “United States” shifted from plural to singular – in other words, individual states stopped thinking of themselves over other individual states.

This move by N.Y.C. officials is definitely – and uncharacteristically – a step backwards.

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