Erin Andrews

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a video of Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room on the internet. I’m not joking with the “in case you haven’t heard” line, either. I’m a news reporter who browses the Web semi-often for story ideas, and I just heard about it today.

It’s a shame this happened to Andrews. It would be a shame if it happened to anyone. She didn’t volunteer her exposed body to the public’s perverted eyes – that right was stolen from her by a peeping tom through a hole into her hotel room. Every figure, both public and private, has a right to walk around naked in a hotel room naked, just as they do in their home.

Why do this, though? The answer could produce the most disturbing results. Whoever posted this obviously did so anonymously and on a site that’s not going to want to take responsibility for it once Andrews’ lawyers come after it. No money was paid to the director of this film, probably. Fame, notoriety – hang those up considering how much shit this person will be in, which varies in severity depending on what state it was filmed.

Speaking of which, a Nebraska police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months’ probation and to pay a $150 fine for looking into a homeowner’s window while on duty. Think that’s light (and get the “must have been a double standard because it was a cop” idea out of your head)? Could be – especially when you consider Nebraska, unlike North Carolina where the misdemeanor becomes a felony if the peeping is done via video camera, doesn’t exactly have a history of cracking down on peeping toms.

So … the video-shooter should have identified himself. Sure, he’d face misdemeanor charges – assuming this was done in Nebraska, like people have speculated – but he would have probably made more off of selling the tape than Andrews’ could have sued him for.

Why? Because the woman obviously loves the attention – she wouldn’t get much for “psychological” damage. Just listen to her 911 tape where she reports paparazzi being outside her house. She almost immediately refers to herself to the operator as having been “all over” the news.

That’s not even true. Like I said, I didn’t hear about it until today.

If anything, Erin Andrews is going to profit from this tape. Everybody wants her now that she’s brought attention to her naked self being posted online. She owes this peeper a debt of gratitude – it will probably boost her career, get her talk show appearances and land her awards from nonprofit groups that support victimized women (like the Lifetime channel).

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