You’ve done gone too far

“All of my neighbors are all up in arms about something they saw on TV. It seems some politician got busted for something that won’t make any difference to me. And I’m sure it’s all true. And I’m tired of this to. But I can’t pray for someone to fall. Let all them people do what people do, I’m just happy to be here at all.” – Todd Snider

Truth be told, I care about little when it comes to the government. I don’t even care much about the hotly-debated healthcare stuff because I know my daughter and I will always have coverage because it is important to me and I’d do whatever’s necessary to obtain it. When the smoke clears at the end of the day, I don’t give a damn about others’ healthcare, nor do I care if I’m paying more for it than someone else.

I just know that I will always have healthcare due to my own actions, which the vast majority of people would call “responsible.”

There’s also nothing special about me for being this way. Lots of people are. However, where I seem to be different – nearly unique – is that I’m not going to get my panties up in a bunch because others may get healthcare on my dime. Again, does this inhibit my own ability to get healthcare? No. And unless it does, I’m not going to make a fuss.

It comes down to money. Money, money, money. People are mad because the government’s taking their money. Money that is rightfully theirs, money they should have the final say in how it’s spent. They think this because of what the founding fathers said. Well, the founding fathers said a lot of stuff and not all of it is applicable to today. No one cares if we stray away from the “miscellaneous” stuff, right? George Washington’s farewell address encouraged a severe form of self-sufficiency that was borderline isolationism. Why don’t you ask our boys fighting in Iraq how well we adhere to that today?

The underlying point is we have to stray away from what Jefferson and Co. said to a degree. Cloaking ourselves in statements that were applicable in the late 18th century is foolish; drifting away some is hardly unpatriotic.

But nope. Can’t do that. Whole country’s going to pot. I’m sure the founding fathers, particularly Jefferson, would have had some interesting sentiments regarding America electing a black president. Anyone today take issue with that? Of course not – we’d say there were different circumstances in the 1700s, and that’s why statements that would today be perceived as racist were okay to say back then.

I’m losing myself here.

The point is, when capitalistic principles reach a point in a man or woman’s life that they drop friendships, there comes a time for self evaluation. You have to step back and say, “Am I valuing American principles over God’s?” and react accordingly. God didn’t make money, we did. God didn’t make national boundaries, we did. But God did make each and every one of us in his image for the benefit of each and every one of us.

Think God cares about money or capitalism a whole lot? Really?

We have a tiny fraction of a piece of a zit on the timeline of the world. That’s what we get. We start dying as soon as we’re born, so why do we waste so much of this time fighting over politics, bickering over money and missing out on time with our loved ones? These were not the reasons God put us here.

We’re lucky to get this chance.

This is stupid and I don’t know why I’m wasting my time. I guess because I lost another good friend today over politics. I, who really doesn’t give a flying crap about any politician or any policy simply because I’m just happy to be here at all, was doing my thing and put up a Facebook status I knew full-well would get all my Republican friends pissed off. I almost lost my best friend over a similar situation less than a year ago – should have learned my lesson then.

But nope. Just keep on doing it. I know just the things to say to piss off conservatives, I know just the things to say to piss off liberals. I piss off feminists, gun activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists, etc., etc., etc. It is fun to me, and the whole time, I care about none of these issues, when you get down to it.

We’re but a speck on the timeline of this planet.

I should be ignoring these people’s passion. Not ignoring it, but letting them spout off about it. I view things differently, value other things – so what. Why must I instigate?

“All of my neighbors are all up in arms about something they saw on TV … Let all them people do what people do, I’m just happy to be here at all.”

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