Obamacare skeptics more interested in promoting rhetoric than anything

Eagle Forum, a conservative public policy organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly, encour-ages town hall meeting attendees to be more vocal about the deliberately-placed loopholes in both the House and Senate health care bills which will allow illegal immigrants to apply for and receive health insurance coverage.

Last week when being pressed about the issue, Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., told a room full of Pennsylvanians, “I won’t support a bill that extends coverage to illegal immigrants.” Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Pa., said, “Illegal aliens won’t be in this bill, period, the end.” West Virginia represen-tative Nick Rahall, also a Democrat, assured constituents that none of the health care bills cur-rently before Congress provide government-backed care for illegal aliens.

Still, Schlafly — the president of Eagle Forum — warns her followers of “gaping loopholes” in the bill. Nothing will prevent illegal immigrants from applying for and receiving insurance cov-erage at the American taxpayers’ expense, she said.

Of the 46 million U.S. citizens without health coverage, 15 to 22 percent are illegal aliens, ac-cording to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Isn’t the rhetoric of conservatives getting old? If anyone wants to get the right wingers on their side, all their duties must include are suggestions that legislation may encourage abortion, per-mit illegal aliens to dwell freely in America or threatens the right to bear arms.

With the health care bill becoming such a hotly-debated issue, all three have been used in their arsenal.

That aside, though, when will enough be enough? People asked politicians over and over at town hall meetings about these issues, and the politicians have answered their questions (see above). Why do conservative publications such as Eagle Forum continue to urge people to “be more vocal?”

How many times does one person need to respond to the same question before it becomes apparent they’re just being heckled?

In an effort by one side to exercise it, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is being trampled on for the other side. The louder rowdy white folks get at these town halls, the less inviting environment they create for a two-sided discussion. The more people who bring guns to town halls, the more folks who don’t believe what the gun-toters believe are too intimi-dated to speak.

Someone’s pulling the strings on this issue. Someone’s triggering the conservatives’ outbursts by bringing abortion, gun control and an illegal immigrant takeover into the equation. Someone – or something – wants the conservatives to be scared, and they’re taking the bait hook, line and sinker.

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